“Help Us Raise Funds and Care for Elders”

“Platform to Provide Medical and Financial Assistance to Elderly People”


What Is Aathma Foundation?

Aathma Foundation is a non-profitable organisation (80G Exempted) established to help and support elderly people in India. This charitable organisation is registered under Section 12AA of the Income Tax Act, 1961. Set up in the year 2016, the main aim of this organisation is to provide medical as well as financial assistance to the helpless and poor elderly population in the nation.

In India, the elderly population face lot of hardships and sufferings due to lack of financial support and age-related health problems. As they don’t have access to free medical services, most elders have no other option but to suffer the impact of diseases and ailments.

The majority of the insurance companies don’t have enough schemes designed for the elderly population. Apart from that, there is not much help provided by relatives and family members.

Because of these factors, elders become utterly detected and neglected. They have to suffer from various illnesses as they cannot afford medical bills and surgery costs. They hopelessly wait for some help, support and relief. If they don’t get proper treatment at the right time, they will die miserably while suffering from the pain and agony of various diseases.

So, in order to curb this problem and make life easier for elders, the Aathma foundation is established. In a world where not many people give attention to the elders, Aathma Foundations aims at making a difference in society.

Elders have a right to live healthy and trauma-free life. Just because they are old doesn’t mean they are less human. In a time period where they are too old to earn a living and care for themselves, Aathma Foundation strives to provide a helping hand.

This foundation has already initiated many programs and schemes to support elders during a current pandemic. The elderly people who cannot afford medicines or medical check-ups can register for various schemes. All the patients who are registered will get free help and support at Aathma Foundation.

Origin of Aathma Foundation: The Beginning of a Noble Cause

Aathma Foundation came into being on 11th July 2016. It was established by Dr D. Suresh with the sole purpose of helping elderly people in India. He is the brain behind Aathma Foundation.

Being a philanthropist, Dr Suresh has naturally been inclined to helping mankind during distress. He was an active contributor to many relief funds and support schemes.

Even before starting this organisation, he offered services to people affected during December 2015 Chennai Flood. He, along with like-minded fellow supporters, provided great help and support to the locals during the flood.

However, he wanted to take this charitable work to a whole new level. He observed that while young people can deal with health problems, it leaves elderly people dejected. This was when he coined the idea of the established Aathma Foundation.

Dr, Suresh joined hands with his friends and fellow supporters to start Aathma Foundation. The initial founding team is now known as MK members. These members include Dr Suresh, Mr Abdul Basheer, Mr Sampath Kumar and Mr Sridharan.

While the other members provide financial help and support, Dr Suresh was the one who came up with the noble idea and devised the entire plan to convert the idea into a charitable organisation.

Our Vision:

To create a safe and secure society in which senior citizens will get all the necessary medical and financial help and support to live a dignified life.

Our Mission:

To change the way the elderly population have to suffer in India without any support by providing easy access to medical treatments and financial assistance.

Our Goals and Objectives:

    • To provide free medical support to elderly people above 70 years in India.
    • To provide financial help and assistance to the elderly population above 70 years of age.
    • To work for the cause of dejected old people.
    • To improve the quality of life and standard of living of old people in India.
    • To attend to the needs of the elderly who don’t have any social and financial support.
    • To conduct free medical camps for elders in different parts of the idea.
    • To provide hassle-free, quick and easy access to healthcare and medical facilities to elderly people.
    • To distribute free medicines and injections.
    • To help and support the elderly population during Covid-19.
    • To provide Covid-19 related medical help and support to the elder community in India.
    • To distribute BP and Diabetes medicine amongst the elderly population.
    • To offer free regular health check-ups.
    • To offer free physiotherapy care to an elder who is immobile and cannot move.
    • To provide free nursing care to bedridden elders.
    • To help elders with eye care and cataract surgeries.
    • To deliver necessary medical supplies and devices in hospitals.
    • To deliver medicines at the doorstep of elderly people who cannot move.
    • To offer dialysis care, scan care, home nebuliser care, and hearing aid care to the elderly population.
    • To promote the importance of helping elderly people in India.
    • To create awareness about the health problems and hardships faced by elders in India.
    • To motivate and encourage people to raise funds for helping elders.
    • To encourage young people to works as volunteers and support the cause.

Message from the Founder of Aathma Foundation:

“Aathma Foundation came into being to offer a platform to the helpless elderly population in India. Our focus has been to make the lives of old people better by providing necessary healthcare and financial support.

This non-profit organisation strives to be as transparent as possible while raising funds for helping people. We are proud to play a small part in making a change in society and improving the quality of life of the elders. Over the last four years, we have initiated multiples programs and schemes to provide different types of medical support to old people.

There are more than 139 million elders in India. Out of all these people, more than 50% of the population don’t have any means to medical or healthcare facilities. This is the reason we are working towards our dream of providing a better life to the elderly in India”.

Our Values:

There are certain values ingrained in the work and philosophy of the Aathma Foundation. We practice all these values.

    • Empathy: We believe in working together with empathy. We put ourselves inside the shoe of a helpless elders while providing healthcare and financial help to them.
    • Integrity: We work with integrity and avoid any malpractices—our teamwork with completely honestly and integrity to deliver necessary help. We never overlook any cause and strive our utmost effort to help each and every one.
    • Passion: We are extremely committed and passionate about what we do. Our main purpose is to help the needy elders and provide medical help, assistance and support. We are passionate about helping those in need.
    • Equality: At Aathma Foundation, we don’t believe in biasness. We serve all the elders equally, irrespective of their gender, caste, race, ethnicity, culture, socio-economic status and religious beliefs.
    • Perseverance: It is quite easy to give help and support in India as they are plenty of elders who need help. However, we believe in perseverance. We will not give up on helping them no matter what the problem is.
    • Simplicity: We try to make the helping procedure as simple as possible for the donators as well as for the elders who are in need of help.
    • Confidence: We are pretty confident about our abilities to help others. We try to overcome all the challenges with a confident approach.
    • Positive Attitude: Optimism is our core value as it helps us to tackle various problems. With a positive attitude, we try to motivate others to come forward and become a part of this noble cause.
    • Compassion: When you are dealing with elders, compassion is a must. We try to be as compassionate as possible while communicating with them and delivering help.
    • Focused: We have set clear goals to help people, and we are focused on achieving them. We believe in fulfilling our vision and mission by staying focused on our goals.

Our Biggest Achievements:

Here are some of our achievements in the last few years in terms of helping elderly people.

Chinna Vipedu Medical Camp on 02.10.2 016: In Aathma Foundation conducting Free Medical Camps in four remote villages, i.e. Chinna Vipedu, Otteri, Periya Vipedu and Rayamangalam in Kancheepuram district. 319 Patients benefit from the camp. Free medicines and injections were distributed in the camp. Patients were given BP and diabetes medicines as well.

  • Contribution to GH, Geriatric Ward on 30.10.2016:

Aathma Foundation has contributed nebulisers, air bed mattresses, bedsheets, varicose vein stockings and rugs to geriatric ward patients at Rajiv Gandhi Government Hospital.

  • Aathma Musical Night on 22.01.2017:

It was fundraising even in which A.R. Rahman participated as a chief guest.

  • Aathma 1st Anniversary on 09.07.2017:

Aathma Foundation to introduce the “Aathma Panic Button” to this event and that time. Kalyanam Sir launched this scheme. Aathma Foundation gave Panic Device worth Rs. 10000 at free of cost to many elderly needy people.

  • Jamunamarthur Medical Camp on 13.08.2017:

This was another free medical camp organised by the Aathma Foundation in the remote village of Jamunamathur (Polur Taluk, Javadhu Hills). Nearly 590 Patients benefitted from this camp.

  • Contribution to TB Sanatorium on 22.10.2017:

Aathma Foundation has contributed nebulisers to Tambaram Sanatorium Patients.

  • Kolli Hills Medical Camp on 26.08.2018:

Aathma Foundation conducted Free Medical Camps in remote villages, Valvil Ori Village (Namakkal District, Kolli Hills). 530 Patients benefitted from this camp. This camp was very different from surgeons and used multiple types of equipment to provide medical treatments.

  • Thalavadi Medical Camp on 04.08.2019:

Another free medical camp was conducted by Aathma Foundation. It was organised in Thalavadi, Erode district. There were general physicians, dentists, orthopaedic, ophthalmologists, PG students as well as other teams. 1600 patients were examined in a day.

Current Aathma Schemes: 

At Aathma Foundation, you will find many schemes and programs. Here are some of the schemes which are presently available.

  • Aathma Medicine Scheme: Every month, free medicines are delivered to elderly patients. Approximately 115 patients suffering from diabetes and hypertension who are unable to buy the prescribed medicines by the family physician were given medicines.
  • Aathma Dialysis Care: Aathma Foundation helped two poor patients by providing free dialysis care.
  • Aathma Scan Care: Aathma Foundation gave PET scans and other scans to needy patients for free of cost in MMM Hospital and Gemini Scan Centre. MMM Hospital. They also provide Blood Tests, Ultra Sound, CT scans, MRI Scan and CT angiograms.
  • Aathma Home Nebulizer Scheme: Aathma Foundation also provide nebuliser machine at free of cost to needy Asthma patients. The patients don’t need to come to the hospital for treatment.
  • Aathma Earring Aid Scheme: Aathma Foundation also gave earring aid free of cost to needy patients.
  • Aathma Physiotherapy Care: Aathma Foundation provides physiotherapies for free at home to many patients who cannot move.
  • Aathma Home Nursing Care: Aathma Foundation provides nursing care to bedridden patients.
  • Aathma Eye Care: Aathma Foundation selects and sponsors cataract surgery for needy people. The patients are selected at a free medical camp.
  • Aathma BP / Sugar Scheme: Aathma Foundation give free BP /Sugar check-up in various hospitals in Chennai, like, Raj Nursing Home, Retteri Kumaran Hospital and DRJ Hospital, etc.

Future Aathma Schemes:

Apart from the above-mentioned schemes, Aathma Foundation is looking forward to launching additional schemes in future for elderly people. Here are some of the future schemes.

    • Aathma Breast Screening Van (MAMMO Van)
    • Aathma Cancer Care
    • Aathma Emergency Care (Mobile App)

Make Donation to Support the Cause:

Every day more and older people are registering with Aathma Foundation to receive medical help and assistance. They just need to provide their name, address and contact number to register themselves.

The foundation arranges the supply of medicines and delivers them to the doorstep. If you want to support this cause and contribute to helping elderly people, you can make donations. You can either give a Demand Draft or Cheque drawn in favour Aathma Foundation. Apart from that, you can also transfer money in the form of NEFT/ RTGS.

You can check the bank details given to transfer money. A bit of help from your end can improve the lives of elders who are suffering. You can also become a volunteer and join our team to give a better life and future to elderly people.